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Youth Ministries


The Youth Group at First United Methodist Church of Clarion is a very important ministry to the youth of our community.  We welcome all denominations to our group recognizing the commonality that we all believe and love Jesus Christ.  Our Youth Group recognizes the importance of relationship and fellowship and provides a place where youth can relax and be part of a group that works together to try to find their place in this world.

We have lots to offer.  The Youth Group regularly meets in the Youth Group Room downstairs every Sunday evening from 6:30pm to 8:00pm.  We offer a monthly activity such as roller skating, sleepovers, movie nights, Christmas shopping, museums and the list goes on.   Annual events include a Winter Retreat to Jumonville, Christmas Dance/Party, Spaghetti Dinner and a canoe trip to Cook Forest.

We also encourage missions and how to take care of those in need.  Annually we participate in the Souperbowl of Caring, which is a national organization created to help Youth Groups across the country feed the hungry.  This takes place on Superbowl Sunday in February and all collections are contributed to our local food bank, the Love Cupboard.  In 2015, we also started sponsoring a child through the Compassion program and have contributed both financially and through letters on a regular basis.  Our major mission trip is our Annual Work Camp that is held in June, starting on Father’s Day, every year.  We have a wide range of projects under our belt but our specialty has been the contributions that we can make to the Habitat for Humanity Organization throughout the Eastern United States such as Pennsylvania, New York, West Virginia, New Jersey and Kentucky.  The youth learn very valuable lessons during work camp and we have developed very strong leaders that have grown into mature adults that continue making a mark in the communities that they live in.

So if you are a youth in seventh through twelfth grades, then you are personally invited to the Youth Group at First United Methodist Church of Clarion.  The Youth Director is Shelly Rhoades and she can be reached at youthdirector@fumc-clarion.org.  She would be happy to answer any questions you have as well as provide a current schedule of activities.