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Story Reading

Hi Kids!
Since we are still unable to have Sunday School or other Sunday morning activities like Library Time and Kids2Kids, we have added stories for you to listen to right here on the church website.  A new story will be added about once a week throughout the summer.  You may be surprised at who might be reading the story, so check each week to see what’s been added.

“A Turkey for Thanksgiving” read by Marlene Steiner.

“Letters to God” read by Joe Wolf.

“Every Which Way to Pray” read by Marlene Steiner.

“The Fantastic Gifts of Fall” read by Joe Wolf.

“The Bear Who Shared” read by Marlene Steiner.

“Bully Bill” read by Sandy Rhoads.

“Joseph’s Coat of Many Colors” read by Sandy Rhoads.

“When God Made You” read by Lynne Flower.

“The Golden Rule” read by Pastor John Flower.

“Watch Out For Wildcats!” read by Joe Wolf.

“Llama Llama and the Bully Goat” read by Marlene Steiner.

“How High Is Hope” read by Lynne Flower.

“I Can” read by Cathy Chuculate.

“The Rainbow Fish” read by Howard Rhoades.

“If You Give a Moose a Muffin” read by Kelly Wingard.

“Moses and the Parting of the Red Sea” read by Carrah Campbell.

“Swimmy” read by Joe Wolf.

“Who Sang the First Song?” read by Kelly Wingard

“The Story of Daniel” read by Carrah Campbell.

Sylvia Jean, Scout Supreme is read by Miss Marlene.  Lisa Campbell Ernst, author and illustrator, says that one of her favorite parts of being a Girl Scout was the uniform’s paraphernalia: the scarf and the sash, the socks and the pins, but most of all the cool badges.

Our third story, Rabbit’s Gift, is based on a folktale that has been shared for centuries.  More than twenty-five years ago, the author, George Shannon, first discovered an English translation of a German version that attributed the story to China.  Since then he has found Japanese, French and Spanish retellings.  Some of those translations credit Fang Yi-K’iun, but he has not been able to trace that source.  The core narrative of the story has been collected in Syria and Jordan.  No doubt, like most folktales, this story exists among and beyond these cultures.  Lauren Dronzek is the illustrator. Remember, when the snow piles up outside, there’s nothing better than sharing a meal with friends.  Rabbit’s Gift is read by Mary Jo Ford.  Where have you seen her before?

This week’s story is Because God Loves Me written by Juliet Groom.  This is one of Miss Kelly’s favorite stories.  For those of you who don’t know Miss Kelly, she taught the second/third grade Sunday School class this past year.

The first story of this series is read by Miss Marlene and is titled The Boy of Color written by Sherrie Nelson (age fifteen) and illustrated by Joquese Cantrell (age fourteen).  Both Sherrie and Joquese are members of Kids’ Club, located in Cabrini-Green, one of Chicago’s largest and oldest housing projects.
Kids’ Club is a faith-based after-school program for high-risk inner-city children.