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Preschool2nd Grade Sunday School

Lesson 4
Genesis 18:1-15 and 21:1-7

God had already made a promise to Abraham and Sarah that they would produce a whole nation of people. But they had no children and were both pretty old.

Genesis 18 tells about Abraham and Sarah being visited by three mysterious guests. Abraham quickly showed them hospitality by giving them water to wash their feet, preparing food, and providing a place for them to rest. After they had eaten, one of the men gave Abraham a strange message. In one year Abraham and Sarah would have a son. Sarah laughed at this news. But this visitor was right.

Genesis 21 helps us understand that the visitors were messengers from God. The news that Sarah would have a son was a promise from God. Abraham and Sarah were closer to seeing God’s promise that their family would become a whole nation and dwell in the land God gave to them.

Review what God created on each day. (Lesson 1)
Review what God asked Abraham and Sarah to do and what he promised them. (Lesson 2)
Review what the problem was and how Abraham solved it in last week’s lesson.

Bible Story:
Genesis 18:1-15 and 21:1-7 – read from the Bible.

Abraham and Sarah were visited by three strange visitors. Who do you think these visitors were?
What did the visitors tell Abraham and Sarah?
What happened a year later?
Does God keep his promises?

Dear God, thank you for loving us.
In Jesus’ name. Amen

Activity Sheets:

Bible Story Puppets:
Using the puppet patters from Lesson 2, make puppets of the three mysterious visitors.
Retell the story using the new puppets and the puppets of Abraham and Sarah made in lesson 2.

Practice Bible verse:
Genesis 1:31
“God saw everything he had made: it was supremely good.”

Activity – What’s in a name?
Needed: letter tiles from a board game
Have you noticed that some of the names in the Bible seem strange to us?
What are some of the strange names that you’ve heard from the Bible?
Some of the names seem normal to us.
What are some of the normal names you’ve heard from the Bible?
Have each child take a handful of letter tiles and use them to make up an unusual name. It doesn’t matter if it sounds like a real name or not.
Share names.
In today’s Bible story we hear a name that might make you laugh. In fact this unusual name actually means “laughter?”
What is this name?

Activity – Make a Baby Issac Doll:

Needed for each child:
download 4D and 4E
2 cotton balls/child
scissors, glue, crayons
Color baby on both sheets.
Cut out.
Put glue on the bottom of the cutout from 4E.
Place the two cutouts together so that the baby faces outward.
Gently stuff 2 cotton balls into doll.
Finish gluing the doll closed.

Download pages 77-78

Read the “responsive Reading.”

One Room Comic:
Ethan tells Emma that he’ll take her to the movies after church. But something happens.
Read the comic together.
What did you notice?
Help the children see that we sometimes make promises carelessly. God makes promises and keeps them.

Read the Family Devotion and challenge your children to do this at home during the week.

Session 3
Days of Creation
Genesis 13:1-12

Abraham and Sarah relocated along with all of their livestock as a great caravan along with Abraham’s nephew, Lot and his livestock. Both herds of livestock were mixed together. Soon a conflict developed between those herding the livestock.
Abraham settled the problem. He told Lot to go north or south. He, Abraham, would go the opposite way. Because Abraham chose to share the land with Lot, both were blessed by God.

Review what God created on each day. (Lesson 1)

Review what God asked Abraham and Sarah to do and what he promised them. (Lesson 2)

Bible Story:
Genesis 13;1-12 – read from the Bible.
What was the problem?
How was the problem solved?
It’s sometimes hard to share but we can learn to be like Abraham.

Dear God, thank you for helping us to share.
In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Activity Sheets:

Bible Story Puppets:
Using the puppet patterns from last week, make a puppet of Lot (See lesson 2).
Lot traveled to the new land that God provided with Abraham and Sarah.

Game – Going on a Trip:
This game was introduced in lesson 2.

Bible Verse:
Genesis 1:31
“God saw everything he had made: it was supremely good.”

Activity – Take a Quick Trip:

God told Abraham to travel to a new land. Abraham followed God’s instructions. He went to a new land with his wife, Sarah and nephew, Lot and all of their belongings.
Go on a short journey around your house or outside.
Use reproducible 3d as a travel log.
Draw or write what you discover on the trip.
Review what problem occurred on Abraham’s trip. How was it solved?
Discuss what was seen of your trip?
Were there any problems on your trip?

Activity – Ways I Can Share and Care:

Needed: reproducible 3e, cut into strips
masking tape
blank strips and writing tool
Make a box in the middle of the floor with the masking tape large enough for all children to stand in or near.
Put cut strips from reproducible in a basket.
Say: Abraham showed kindness to his nephew Lot. We are going to play a game where we think about actions that show we share and care. I will read a statement (draw from the basket). If it’s a good way to share and care, step out of or away from the box. If it’s not a good way to share and care, you must stay in the box or go back to the box.
Use the blank strips to write more statements for the game if needed.

Download pages 75-76
Read the “Responsive Reading” together.

One Room Comic:
Read together.
Kahley and Kenji are working on a decorating project.
What did you notice in this week’s comic?
Help make the connection between Kahley and Kenji’s disagreement and the problem from today’s Bible story.
How did Carmen help them make peace?

Read the Family Devotion and challenge the children to do this at home during this coming week.

Session 2
Genesis 12:1-9 and Genesis 15:1-6

This lesson is based on the two passages listed above and focuses on God’s relationship with Abraham and Sarah. God commands them to leave their home and move their family and livestock, everything, to a new land a great distance away with unfamiliar people, beliefs and practices. This is the beginning of God’s Covenant relationship with Abraham and his descendants – God’s promise to give them a land and to make them a great nation on earth.

Dear God, thank you for loving us! In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Bible Story:
Read Genesis 12:1-9 and Genesis 15:1-6 from the Bible.
Have children share times when they packed a bag and went for to a place they had never been before. How did they feel?
Ask: why do you think Abraham and Sarah followed God’s instructions?
Say: God loved Abraham and Sarah and had a wonderful plan for all of us.

Activity Sheets:

Activity – Make Starry Posters:
Needed: black poster board
white crayons
star stickers
glow in the dark markers

Reread Genesis 15:5
God told Abraham to look at the night sky.
“Look up at the sky and count the stars if you think you can count them.”
Ask: Can we count all of the stars in the sky?
Say: God told Abraham he would have children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, too difficult to count.
Have children work together to make starry posters.
Write title at the top of the poster – “God keeps promises.”
Keep poster for session 4.

Activity – Bible Story Puppets:

Make puppets of Abraham and Sarah
Copy activity sheet 2d on cardstock – 1/child and cut out. Paper clip together.
Construction paper, various colors
Craft sticks
To make puppets:
Have children trace around shape templates on different colors of construction paper.
Cut out shapes.
Glue together using activity sheet 2d as a guide.
Tape a craft stick to the back of each puppet.
Keep puppets to use in future lessons.

Game – Going on a Trip:
Sit in a circle on the floor.
First person begins by saying, “I’m going on a trip, and I’m going to bring ____.” State something they might bring.
Go around circle, each child repeating what previous children said and adding something of their own.

Bible Verse:
Genesis 1:31
“God saw everything he had made: it was supremely good.”
Needed: sand in a container
plastic tablecloth
eleven glow in the dark stars
Place stars in the sand.
Have younger children find the stars making sure sand stays in the container.
Have older children write one word of the Bible verse on each star using a permeant marker.
Put the stars in order and say the verse aloud.
Save the stars for a future activity.

Activity – I Will Go and Love:
Needed: index cards
writing tool
Say: God gave Abraham and Sarah an instruction that was just for them. Most of the time God’s instructions are for all people. Let’s read one.
From the Bible, read John 13:34.
“I give you a new commandment! Love each other. Just as I have loved you, so you must love each other.”
Ask: What are God’s instructions for us?
On index cards:
Have younger children write the name of someone they will show love to this week. On the other side draw a picture of that person.
Have older children write the name of someone they will show love to this week. On the other side write ways that they are going to show this love.

Download pages 73-74 of activity book
Read the Responsive Reading

Read One Room Kids Comic:
Ask: What did you notice in this week’s comic.
Help kids make connections between Carmen and Nicholas moving to a new town and the Bible story.

Read Family Devotion and challenge children to do at home with family.

Days of Creation
Genesis 1:1-31

This month (September) we will be talking about beginnings in the book of Genesis. Our story today is about the beginning of everything.

In the beginning of everything, God created the world in six days:
Day 1 – created day and night
Day 2 – created sky-sun, moon, stars
Day 3 – created water and land
Day 4 – covered land with plants, trees, grasses
Day 5 – filled the water with fish and sea animals and the sky with birds
Day 6 – created all kinds of living creatures and Adam and Eve in his own image
Everything God created is good.
On the seventh day he rested.

Dear God, thank-you for your wonderful creation. In Jesus name we pray, Amen.

Bible story:
Read Genesis 1:1-31 from the Bible.
Have kids share their favorite part.
Review what God created each day. Why do you think God created things in this order?

Activity Sheets:

Bible Verse:
Genesis 1:31
God saw everything he had made: it was supremely good.

Interactive Bible Story – Read as a responsive reading.
One Room Kids Comic – Each week read a comic with the One Room Kids.
Read the comic and discuss what this week’s One Room Kids comic was about.
Also on these pages, find the Family Devotion for the week.

Activity – Make a New Creation
Needed: paper plate and clay
Children are to mold the clay into the image of a new animal.
Discuss the new creation – Describe the animal, name the animal, tell what the animal will do.

Activity – Choose the Day

Needed: 7 hula hoops (or places around the room)
Days of Creation Numbers, cut out download reproducible 1d
Or the numbers 1-7 written on individual pieces of paper.
Lay the seven hula hoops across the floor.
Place a number by each hoop.
Mix the numbers up so they are not in order.
Review what God created each day.
Adult – call out names of things God created, like cow. Children go and stand in the appropriate hoop.

Activity – Make or Create:
Needed: alphabet tiles from a board game
Throw the alphabet tiles on a table in random order.
Ask: Have I created the word “creation?” Can you make that word?
Have a child choose the letters to make the word “creation.”
Set the other tiles aside.
Ask: Did ____ make or creative the word “creation?”
Pick up the letters spelling the word creation and throw them agin in random order.
Ask: Do the letters spell “creation?’
Say: Those letters can’t arrange themselves to make any sense. We had to know the correct order to arrange them.
Ask: Who can create something out of nothing? (God)
How would you describe God’s creation?

Activity – Creation Care:
Put the following items into a large paper bag.
light bulb, garden hose nozzle, plastic water bottle, plastic grocery bag, notebook paper, cardboard box, miniature car, trash bag, plastic straw
Say: God gave Adam and Eve the responsibility for taking care of His creation and God wants us to do the same.
Have kids take turns pulling items out of the bag and stating/guessing how it can be used to help take care of the earth.

light bulb – Turn off lights when leaving a room.
garden hose nozzle – Don’t leave water running.
plastic water bottle – Don’t use plastic, Get a permanent container.
plastic grocery bag – Don’t use plastic. Get reusable bags.
notebook paper – Write on both sides.
cardboard box – Recycle it.
miniature car – Walk or ride a bike when you can.
trash bag – Separate recyclable items and recycle.
plastic straw – Don’t use. They are not biodegradable.