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Hi families of First United Methodist Church of Clarion!

Having the church closed during this pandemic is a new experience for all of us.  With the help of Pastor John, Darren, Mary Jo, the Sunday school teachers and Robin from Cokesbury Publishing, we are attempting to send Sunday school to the children (preschool through sixth grade) of the church electronically.  Hopefully, you are able to access these Sunday school lesson materials for your child(ren).  Our plans are to add a new lesson each week for as long as necessary.  Additional information or resources will be added as available for your use.  If you have any questions, please email Marlene at education@fumc-clarion.org.  You may also call the church office at 814-226-6660.

There is a free app on the Apple App store for “Deep Blue Adventures” available to download.  This app has a parent portal, videos and games to go along with the Sunday school lesson.

The following website also has free stuff: deepbluekids.com/free-stuff

Thank you,
Miss Marlene


Sunday, March 22
Jesus Breaks the Bread
Based on Mark 14:12-26

Before the lesson ideas:
* Look online for da Vinci’s famous mural of “The Last Supper”
* Recite the following Bible verse in fun ways.  Discuss what it means.
If I, your Lord and teacher, have washed your feet, you must wash other’s feet.
* Discuss, plan, or plan and have a “Love Feast.” (Information found on the button below)

Bible Story:

Communion is a time of remembering what Jesus did for us and giving thanks to God.
Have you ever had a special meal for someone who was going away?  How did you feel during the meal?

Locate and read the scripture from the Bible
* Discuss what “Last Supper” and “Sacrament” mean.

What do Jesus’ words mean to you?  How do they help us serve God better today?
Communion is a very important spiritual practice for all Christians.
Take some time to talk about Communion and answer questions the children have.

Additional Downloads:


Sunday, March 29
Jesus Prays
Matthew 26:36-46

Before the Bible story:
After Jesus and his disciples had the Passover meal, Jesus went to the garden to pray.
The word “Gethsemane” means “oil press.”  The harder of Gethsemane had a grove of olive trees which supplied olive oil.

Click each of the buttons below to download a PDF for you to print and complete.

Bible story:
Read from the Bible.

How many times did Jesus go into the garden and pray to God?
What did he ask the disciples to do?
Why do you think the disciples couldn’t stay awake like Jesus asked them to?
What do you think the disciples thought was happening?

Practice Bible verse.
“If I, your Lord and teacher, have washed your feet, you too must wash each other’s feet.”  John 13:14

April 5
Palm Sunday
Scripture – Mark 11:1-11

Before the Lesson:
How are kings welcomed today?
How would you feel if the president visited you today?
How would you prepare for the visit?

Jesus rode into Jerusalem humbly on a colt, but the crowd saw a king.  They threw their coats in front of the colt and waved palm branches.  They thought Jesus was going to set up his kingdom immediately and rescue them from Roman rule.

Download the following sheets:

Read the Bible Story
Bible – Mark 11:1-11

What would you have shouted at Jesus if you had been part of the crowd in Jerusalem?
What do you think Jesus said to the people that day?

The Deep Blue Shores Church celebrates Palm Sunday in a special way.  The kids are preparing to participate in the service.

How do we usually celebrate Palm Sunday at our church?

Bible Verse:
Our new Bible verse for April is Mark 11:9.
“Hosanna!  Blessings on the one who comes in the name of the Lord!”
TIP:  Look on the Deep Blue Kids website, the Free Stuff tab, to see a video demonstrating the signs.

Read Mark 11:9-10 in the Bible.
What part of the crowd’s praise for Jesus was most important to them?  Why was that important?

Make a Palm Sunday Banner:
Gather a variety of craft decorations, such as felt, scraps of material, glitter, craft jewels, fabric or puff paint, etc. and a large sheet of paper.

Make a banner that reminds you of Palm Sunday.
(Palm branches, colt, coats on the ground, Hosanna, etc.)

Loving God/Loving Neighbor at Home:

Dear God, we praise you for giving us Jesus.  Help us celebrate him as king every day of our lives: In Jesus’ name, we pray. Amen

Easter Sunday School Lesson
Scripture Luke 24:1-12

Dear God, we praise you on this Easter Day.  Show us your awesome power in the Resurrection; In Jesus name, we pray.  Amen

Bible Verse:
“Hosanna!  Blessings on the one who comes in the name of the Lord!” Mark 11:9

Before the Bible Story:
What traditions do you have for celebrating Easter?
Why is Easter a special day for you?

Early Sunday morning several women went to the tomb where Jesus was buried.  They wanted to prepare his body for burial with spices they had made.  But the tomb was empty!

Can you share the story of Jesus from the cross to the empty tomb?

Read the Bible Story
Luke 24:1-12

Reread Luke 24:5-6
Why do you think the disciples didn’t understand what Jesus had told them about his death and resurrection?
What does the phrase “Seeing is believing,” mean to you?

Practice the above Bible verse.

Color and cut out the figures on sheet 7e.
Two paper plates are needed but two large paper circles would work.
Cut one of the paper plates/circles in half.
On the whole plate or circle, glue the empty tomb with the angel.  Write above it, “He is not here.  He is risen!”
Place the stone on one of the half plates/circles and Mary on the other half.
Color backgrounds.
Attach the three pieces with a brad so that you can push the two pieces together to see a picture and slide them apart to see the empty tomb.

Butterfly Craft
Needed: coffee filter, water color paints, wooden clothespin with round head, string/ribbon.

Is a butterfly born a butterfly?
All butterflies go through an unusual life cycle.  A butterfly starts as a tiny egg.  When the egg hatches, a caterpillar comes out, and its job is to eat a lot so it can grow quickly. When the caterpillar has finished growing, it forms itself into a chrysalis and begins a remarkable transformation called metamorphosis.  Finally, when the caterpillar has done all its changing, a beautiful butterfly emerges from the chrysalis.  The butterfly rests a short time then begins to fly. The butterfly has become a symbol of resurrection.  Can you explain why?
Use watercolors to paint a coffee filter.
When dry, carefully slide the middle of the coffee filter into the opening of the clothespin. Keep pushing until the middle is scrunched up into the clothespin.
Form the two sides of the filter into wings.
Wrap a piece of string or ribbon around the head of the clothespin and tie it so you can hang it up to remember Jesus’ resurrection.

Luke 24:13-35

Bible Verse: Mark 11:9
“Hosanna! Blessings on the one who comes in the name of the Lord!”

Dear God, help us se the resurrected Jesus through the disciples’ eyes.
In Jesus’ name, we pray.  Amen

Have you ever looked at something but not recognized what you were seeing?
Have you ever heard something but not understood what it meant?

After Jesus was resurrected, he appeared to many people.  On Sunday, Jesus joined two men who were walking to Emmaus.  They didn’t recognize him at first.  When Jesus broke bread at their table, they knew him.

Before the Bible story, activity sheets:

Bible Story:
Luke 24:13-35
Read from the Bible

Why do you think Jesus appeared to the two disciples?
How do you think Jesus was different then?
What happened when the two disciples recognized Jesus?
What did the disciples do then?
Who can you tell the story of Jesus’ resurrection to today?

Jesus did many miracles when he was on Earth.  When it was time for Jesus to leave Earth, he passed on his ministry to the people who followed him, those living at that time and people all through the gas.  We are called to carry out Jesus’ mission, and Jesus promised that he would always be with us.

How is Jesus with us now?

Read Matthew 28:6-20 from the Bible:
How does it feel to know that Jesus passed on his mission to you?

Practice the Bible Verse:
“Hosanna!  Blessings on the one who comes in the name of the Lord!”

Emmaus Stained Glass
Also needed: watercolors, cooking oil, cotton ball, black paper.

Paint the picture on page 8E with water color paints.  Paint the background to look like stained glass.
Dip a cotton ball in the oil and rub the oil on the back of the picture.
Cut out a black frame for the picture if you want to make it look like a window.  Tape the picture on the back of the frame.

Thomas Believes
Scripture John 20:24-31

Bible Verse: Mark 11:9
“Hosanna!  Blessings on the one who comes in the name of the Lord!”

Dear God, show us how you met the disciples’ needs and assured them of Jesus’ resurrection.  In Jesus’ name, we pray.  Amen.

Thomas wasn’t with the other disciples when Jesus first appeared to them after his resurrection.  They told Thomas about it, but he had trouble believing them.  He wanted to see Jesus alive for himself.

Before the Bible story:

Craft:  Thomas Before and After
Materials Needed: 2 paper plates, craft stick, marker, glue
Write “I doubt it!” on one plate.
Write “I believe it!” On the other plate.
Glue the backs of the plates to the two sides of the craft stick, leaving enough of the stick outside the plates to use as a handle to turn the plates.
Use the plates with the story.

Bible Story:
Read the story from the Bible – John 20:24-31 or from “Thomas Believes – Bible Story” below.

Ask: What did Thomas say when the other disciples told him Jesus was alive?
What was the first thing Jesus said when he appeared to all of the disciples?

Have an adult reread the Bible story.
As the adult reads, the child(ren) should listen carefully for Thomas’ part in the story.
When the child(ren) hear the part about Thomas doubting, the child(ren) should hold up the paper plate showing “I doubt it!”
When the child(ren)hear the part about the disciples or Thomas believing, the child(ren) should hold up the plate that has the words “I believe it!”

Ask: When did Thomas believe Jesus was alive?
When did the other disciples believe?

Thomas is often called “Doubting Thomas,” but he only wanted what the other disciples had already received; to see Jesus alive.

Watch the Video:
Kat is teaching her cat, Cinnamon, a new trick. But Sophia says she won’t believe it until she sees it for herself. Their grandmother tells them the story of Thomas who also wouldn’t believe until he saw for himself.

Ask: Can you think of something you didn’t believe until you saw it for yourself?

Practice the Bible Verse:
Mark 11:9 “Hosanna!  Blessings on the one who comes in the name of the Lord!”
(This is the last week for this verse.)


Cut out the pieces.
Color and decorate.
Glue the handle to one side.
Glue or staple the two sides together.

Ask: Why do people use a megaphone?
Use your megaphone to share the good news that Jesus is alive and he is always with us.

Peter and John

Background Information:
In the book of Acts, Luke tells the story of how the early church grew.  After Jesus returned to heaven and sent the Holy Spirit on Pentecost, the apostles spread the good news about the resurrected Jesus and started new churches in different countries.  Many who heard the message believed and were baptized, the church grew quickly but not without opposition.

Peter and John were on their way to the temple to worship one day when they saw man being carried on a mat.  Peter healed the man, and the grateful man walked for the first time in his life.  Peter and John told the crowd that the man was healed in the name of Jesus Christ whom God raised from the dead.  But the apostles were interrupted by the appearance of the religious leaders who didn’t think anyone but the priests should be teaching the people about spiritual matters.  The temple guards seized Peter and John and put them in jail.

The next day, the Sanhedrin met.  They were the highest legislative and judicial body in Israel and consisted of seventy-one members.  The Sanhedrin sat in a semicircle and placed Peter and John in the middle.  They asked, “By what power or in what name did you do this?”

Then Peter, being full of the Spirit, offered their defense.  Peter placed himself and John in the background and concentrated on Jesus.  He asked, “Are we being examined today because we healed a sick man?  This man stands healthy before you because of the name of Jesus Christ, who was resurrected by God.  No other name could have healed him.”

The Sanhedrin was surprised by their boldness to answer, and they didn’t have a rebuttal because the healed man was standing with Peter and John.  They met privately to discuss their options.  They didn’t consider trying to refute the apostles’ words because most of Jerusalem had witnessed the miracle.  Instead they chose to warn the apostles and told them to stop speaking and teaching in the name of Jesus.

Peter and John responded, “It’s up to you to determine whether it’s right before God to obey you rather than God.  As for us, we can’t stop speaking about what we have seen and heard.”  The council released Peter and John without punishing them because of the crowd of supporters.

Acts 4:1-22
NEW BIBLE VERSE Acts 4:20 “As for us, we can’t stop speaking about what we have seen and heard.

Prayer: Dear God, help us experience the passion of the disciples for spreading the good news; in Jesus’ name, we pray.  Amen.

Before the Bible story:

Peter and John healed a man who couldn’t walk.  Look at the four pictures of the man and tell what he is doing in each.
Child(ren) may color the pictures.

On the way to the temple, Peter and John healed a man who couldn’t walk.  Look carefully at the picture and find 10 hidden items.  Circle them.

Peter and John healed a man who was lame and were thrown into prison for it.  The leaders didn’t want them talking about the resurrection of Jesus.  But Peter and John couldn’t help talking about what they had seen and heard.  How many words can you make out of Peter and John? The words need to be at least 3 letters, and they can’t be proper names.
Share answers.
Why do you think the leaders didn’t want Peter and John talking about Jesus’ resurrection?

Bible Story:
Read Acts 4:1-22 from the Bible or from the download below.

Why did Peter and John go to the temple?
What did the man who couldn’t walk ask Peter and John to give him?
How do you think the man felt being able to walk?

The kids and Abuela are putting together flood buckets at the church to give to flood victims.  Edgar explains that they’re working on the buckets because they want to serve others like Jesus did.  Then he tells a story about how Peter and John served.

How can you serve? (Remind the kids that attend Kids2Kids about the service things that they do.)

Practice the Bible verse:
“As for us, we can’t stop speaking about what we have seen and heard.” Acts 4:20
Is the Bible verse found in the Old or New Testament?
What book is it in?
What chapter?
What verse?

(Look on the “Deep Blue Kids” website, the free stuff tab, to see a Video demonstrating the Bible verse in sign language.)

File Folder Story and Craft Activity:
Needed: file folder, crayons, scissors, glue.

After the disciples saw the resurrected Jesus, they preached about the resurrection to everyone.  They couldn’t stop telling people about the good news.
Make a storyboard to share the story with others.
Color the “File Folder Story – Activity” sheet.
Cut out the picture squares.
Make a title page on the front cover of the file folder.
On the inside of the file folder, make different scenes.  Glue the picture squares and add your own drawings to make the scenes.
1. Peter and John see the man lying on the mat.
2. They heal the man.
3. Peter and John tell the crowd how the man was healed.
4. The leaders put Peter and John in prison.
5. The leaders let Peter and John go because the crowd had seen the miracle and wanted them released.
On the back of the file folder, write our Bible verse. “As for us, we can’t stop speaking about what we have seen and heard.” Acts 4:20

Use the file folder to share the story with the people you meet.

Peter in Prison
Acts 12:1-17

Background Information:
Herod Agrippa I ruled as king in Jerusalem during the time the disciples were spreading the good news of Jesus’ resurrection and the church was growing.  His job was primarily to keep the peace among the Jewish population.  King Herod used this as his reason for persecuting the church.  Influenced by the Jewish leadership, Herod arrested some of the apostolic leaders.  He said their messianic claims posed a political threat.

James, son of Zebedee, was the first to be killed.  As the head of the church in Jerusalem, his death was a heavy assault on the church.  This action seemed to please the Jewish leadership, so next he arrested Peter and left him in prison during the seven-day Feast of Unleavened Bread.

Dear God, Help us learn how to pray from the example of the first church; In Jesus’ name, we pray.  Amen.

Think/tell about a time when you prayed for something and God answered that prayer.

Bible Story:
Read the story from the Bible – Acts 12:1-17

How did the people who had been praying for Peter respond when they saw Peter?
How do you think the guards felt when they realized Peter had escaped from prison?

Activity Sheets:

Cut out the strips.
Help your child(ren) read the strip and put them in order to form a paper chain telling the story of Peter.

Ask: Who helped Peter escape form jail?
What was the church doing?

Encourage your child(ren) to use the Bible for help if needed.


The Deep Blue Kids are meeting Edgar’s father, Benjie, at the zoo for a welcome back party.  While they are waiting, Asia tells the story of Peter escaping from prison and coming back to the church.

How do you feel when someone you love comes back?

Paper Bag Puppet – Craft:

Materials: paper lunch bag, markers, construction paper, google eyes, pompoms, yarn, ribbon, glue, scissors.
Children choose a character from today’s story to make a paper bag puppet; Peter, Guard, Angel, Rhoda, King Herod, a person in their church.

After constructing the puppet, reread the Bible story while your child(ren) act out what’s happening with the puppet.

What do you call an event that shows the supernatural power of God at work? (Miracle)

Practice the Bible Verse:
Acts 4:20
“As for us, we can’t stop speaking about what we have seen and heard.”

Dear God, show us how to serve you every day.  Thank you for answering the church’s prayers and helping Peter escape from prison; in Jesus’ name we pray.  Amen.

Share the story of Peter in prison, with your family and friends.
Discuss ways to serve God every day.

Paul Is Changed
Acts 9:1-19

Background:  Paul was known by Saul, his Jewish name, and by Paul, his Greek name.  This lesson is using the name Paul.

Paul was persecuting the christians.  While traveling on the road to Damascus, a voice from heaven called down to Paul asking why he was persecuting Him (Jesus).  Paul fell to the ground.  These simple words started Paul down a path of realization that his belief that he was serving God by persecuting the church was completely wrong.  He was in fact, an enemy of God.  As Paul considered the Devine perspective on his actions, his whole world was turned upside down.

The physical effects of Paul’s encounter were devastating.  When Paul got up, he realized he was completely blind.  The men with him had to help him into the city, and Paul didn’t eat or drink anything for three days.  As Paul prayed to God during those days of darkness, what had happened to him became clearer.

Meanwhile, God spoke to Ananias, a follower of Jesus in Damascus, in a voice and told him to go to Paul and restore his vision.  At first Ananias protested.  Paul had a terrible reputation for being cruel to followers of Jesus.  But Ananias obeyed.  He found Paul and restored his sight.  Paul was instantly filled with the Holy Spirit and baptized.  Paul made a complete turnaround and began preaching about Jesus in the synagogue.

Prayer: Dear God, help us learn how Paul was changed by your great love; in Jesus name, we pray.  Amen

Bible Story: Find and read Acts 9:1-19 from the Bible or Paul Is Changed – Bible Story.

Ask: Who spoke to Paul?  Why did Paul need help after Jesus spoke to him?

Watch the video Video download:
Edgar’s glasses are broken, and he can’t see anything clearly.  On the way to the eye doctor, Victor tells Edgar the story about when Paul couldn’t see.

Ask: How do you think it feels to not be able to see clearly or at all?

Read/reread Paul Is Changed – Bible Story (download 12A) assigning parts if able.
Paul was a completely different person after Jesus spoke to him.  He became a very important preacher who told the good news to the Gentiles, people who were not Jewish.  He started many churches and taught the people to follow God.

Ask: Do you think people accepted that Paul had changed at first?
What do you think Paul had to do to convince people that he had changed?

Activity Sheet:

Practice the Bible verse:
“As for us, we can’t stop speaking about what we have seen and heard.” Acts 4:20

Craft – Paper Bag Luminaries:

Game for use after making Luminary:
Paul was stopped on the path by a bright light shining down from heaven.  For our game, you must follow the person holding the light and copy what the person is doing.  (If you are unable to make the luminary, use a flashlight to play the game.)

Paul Escapes
Acts 9:20:20-25

Background:  After his encounter with Jesus, Paul spent several days in Damascus with the disciples.  The fact that he was received by the community was a sign that he had truly changed.  Immediately he began preaching in the synagogue that Jesus was Christ.
But not all of the people believed that he had changed.  Many still saw him as the cruel punisher of the church.

The Jewish leaders who were not followers of Jesus plotted to capture and execute him.  They set up an ambush by the city gate and waited for Paul.  Paul found out about the plot to kill him and shared it with the friends he had made in Damascus.  These friends located a window in the city wall and at night, they put Paul in a large basket and lowered him through the window to the ground outside the wall.

Paul left immediately and returned to Jerusalem and continued preaching in the synagogues.

Prayer:  Dear God, show us how you kept Paul safe so he could take the good news to the Gentiles; in Jesus’ name, we pray.  Amen

Ask:  Do you like going on rides at an amusement park?
What is your favorite ride?
Have you ever been lowered down a wall in a basket?

Bible Story: Acts 9:20-25
Read the Bible story from the Bible or from Paul Escapes.

Why did some people want to hurt Paul?
Why did Paul’s friends have to lower him down the outside wall in a basket?
Why didn’t some of the people in Damascus believe Paul had changed?
Have you been in a position where the people around you didn’t think you had changed?
How did you prove that you had changed?
How did it make you feel when they didn’t believe you?
Do you think you you would have believed Paul had changed?

Video download:
Cinnamon, Kat’s cat, runs up a tree when Kat tries to take him to the vet for his checkup.  Jack offers to help get him down and tells the story of how Paul got down from a window in a tall wall.

Ask: Who helped Kat with Cinnamon?
Who helped Paul?

Activity Sheets:

Practice the Bible verse:  “As for us, we can’t stop speaking about what we have seen and heard.”  Acts 4:20

Basket for Paul

Photo copy the activity page on card stock if possible.

Acts 2:1-41

Background:  Each year we take time to celebrate the birthday of the church.  Pentecost, the Festival of Weeks, is a Jewish celebration that takes place fifty days after Passover.  The Holy Spirit came to the first Christians during that festival, and it became known to them as Pentecost Day. Pentecost means “the fiftieth day.”  Today, we celebrate Pentecost seven weeks after Easter.

The followers of Jesus were all together in a room, praying and waiting for the promised Spirit.  Suddenly they heard a sound like a strong wind blowing, and flames of fire appeared above the heads of the followers.  Wind and fire are both symbols of the Holy Spirit in the Bible.  The rushing wind filled the whole house.  The followers felt the divine presence of the Spirit of God, and they were filled with the Spirit.  Extraordinary events followed the endowment of the Spirit on the church.  The disciples were given the ability to communicate with people from many different cultures.

A large, multicultural crowd had gathered in Jerusalem for the festival.  The sound of the strong rushing wind attracted the crowd.  When the disciples spoke to the crowd, every person heard what was said in their native language.  This miracle was symbolic of the church’s worldwide mission.

The crowd was astonished and confused as they tried to figure out the cause and significance of the miracle.  Some tried to brush it off by saying the disciples were drunk, but Peter denied that accusation.  Peter pointed the crowd’s attention to Jesus’ crucifixion and resurrection.  He proclaimed Jesus as Messiah both by the witness of the Old Testament Scriptures and the disciples’ personal experiences of seeing the risen Jesus.

Many in the crowd asked, “What can we do?”  Peter invited them to repent and be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ.  Three thousand people were baptized that day and became part of the New Testament church.  God’s forgiveness and the indwelling of the Holy Spirit are gifts of the grace of God.  The Holy Spirit helped the followers have the courage to share the good news of Jesus, and the church began to grow quickly.

Prayer:  Dear God, help us experience your awesome power that the disciples felt on Pentecost and make us bold in sharing the good news; in Jesus’ name we pray.  Amen.

Ask:  What do you find amazing in your life?
What do you think is amazing about God?

Bible Story:  Read from the Bible – Acts 2:1-41

Ask:  What did Jesus’ followers do after they received the Holy Spirit?
How do you think they felt after experiencing the miracle that happened on Pentecost Day?
What have you learned about Pentecost from our story?

Video download:  Sophia and Rachel are practicing their French in Mr. Maxwell’s classroom.  Sophie tells the story of Pentecost Day when the disciples preached and people from many different countries heard in their native languages 

Ask: How did the people hear what the disciples said in so many different languages?

Activity Sheets:

Practice the Bible verse:  “As for us, we can’t stop speaking about what we have seen and heard.” Acts 4:20


Needed:  Copy of Pentecost Picture -Activity
A variety of craft items – scraps of material, felt yarn, beads, and so forth.
Say: Your picture is a collage of items that remind us of Pentecost.  Look at the items on your paper and decide what they have to do with Pentecost.  Use the craft decorations to cover the items.
Talk about the different items.
Flames of fire appeared above the heads of everyone gathered in the room.
The sound of a strong, rushing wind filled the house and attracted the crowd outside.
The word Pentecost means “50.”  Pentecost is celebrated 50 days after Passover.
The dove is a symbol of the Holy Spirit.  God sent the Holy Spirit on Pentecost Day.

Additional Resources: