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We will soon be producing a new Church Directory and updating our church records in an effort to have an enriched understanding of our Church Family.  Due to the coronavirus, the directory publisher, LifeTouch, has closed all operations until August.  Directory pictures are now scheduled for August 4, 5, 6 and September 1, 2.

Ultimately, we want to know more about our church members so we can create programs and identify ministry opportunities built off an understanding of who makes up First United Methodist Church of Clarion.

All church members are strongly urged to participate in this brief survey.

We do ask that a survey is completed for each member of a household; you will be prompted to provide your own information first and then information of others in your household before submitting the survey.  General name and optional contact information will be used in the preparation of our Church Directory  All other information will be for church office use only.

Information collected about hobbies, interests and family is not intended to become a call list for volunteers or to invade personal privacy, but rather as a way to enrich and strengthen our worship experiences as family at First United Methodist Church of Clarion.

Please click HERE to complete the survey.  It is very short and should take two or three minutes.

Please click HERE to reserve your date and time to have your pictures taken for the Church Directory.  You will need to scroll through the calendar on the left side of the page to get to August or September.) Or, you may call Roberta Laird at 226-5327 or Darren Mackenzie at 814-226-6660 to reschedule.

For additional assistance please call the church office at 814-226-6660